Border Break Press Kit

Border Break Press Kit

In 2010, Janet Taylor left for Cancun, Mexico with her friends for Spring Break.

She’s been missing ever since…

Susan Taylor hires a film crew to find answers regarding the disappearance of her daughter Janet. Documenting all the evidence and testimonies from key people in the case, the film crew develops a re-enactment of Janet’s departure to Mexico and the events that occurred shortly afterwards.

Border Break is based on actual events.

From The Director
Border Break: Help Find Janet Doc  

The Help Find Janet Documentary is the premise to the feature film Border Break. The documentary is focused on the personal lives of each character surrounded by memories and personal stories from their family and friends. Not only does it take you on a personal journey of getting to know the characters one on one, but it also gives you the resolution and closure told from close family members that the Border Break movie is unable to give. Border Break is the untold story of college coed Janet Taylor who decided to take a road trip to Mexico with her friends. While en route they encounter a series of events that lead to Janet’s disappearance.

Endangered missing adults are a national issue that affects millions of people everyday. My main focus is to spread awareness and really get an understanding of what these individuals and families are going through.

The two elements of “Border Break” & “Help Find Janet Doc” combined will put the audience in the mindset of having someone go missing unaware of their safety and surroundings.  As the director I believe that if we are faced with raw emotions with what we are seeing on the screen, then we will care a little more the next time we see a missing poster or see a news story… because the audience will now have a sense of how it feels through seeing this film.

The Border Break film is in two parts. One part is the documentary intercutting with the Border Break film. This is similar to an “Unsolved Mysteries” segment or the film “The Fourth Kind”. However nothing like this has been done before. I am confident that Border Break: Help Find Janet will be a successful film project as well as strong medium in spreading awareness on this growing rate of endangered missing adults.

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