Announcing Irving Films’ New Project, “A Broken Hart”

A Broken Hart - Announcement

Irving Films would like to announce the green lighting of, and the beginning of production on, “A Broken Hart.” A psychological thriller written and directed by JaQuay and Jesse Young, “A Broken Hart” is being produced by Irving Films and is slated for release in 2013. More news to come!

Arthur Hart (STEPHEN PAUL) is a very peculiar individual. Born into a very rich, affluent family, he is not without his own hurdles to overcome. Arthur suffers from multiple psychological disorders which dictate his everyday interactions. He is a recluse that never leaves his family estate, usually toting his rifle in hand in almost every activity he completes. Athur keeps himself occupied by restoring priceless art, skeet shooting at clay targets, and reminiscing on his horrid childhood. Although, spending most of his days alone, he does have recurring visitors, both living and dead.